We were delighted to support the recent 7th July Thames Valley Domestic Abuse Steering Group event  – exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma informed practice in relation to domestic abuse.   We welcomed a  staggering 330 online delegates on the day and were very fortunate to have the support of a range of experts in this field, who all helped make it a really lively and interesting  information sharing opportunity.  Special thanks go to DASH volunteer Mel, who gave her own personal experience of growing up in the shadow of domestic abuse – Mel, you are a truly amazing and brave person!

See below a copy of the event flyer and range of presentation material from the day, made available by the speakers :

FINAL INFORMATION (event 7th July)
Mina Fazel Trauma Complexities
KIDNET 5 Applications Fazel 2020
Operation Encompass
THAMES VALLEY Violence Reduction Unit

Other useful links/info from the event chat channel as below:

If you would like more information about this, or any of the other TVDA events please  email bron@thamesvalleypartnership.org.uk.

OR, to find out more about our wider work to support those affected by domestic abuse click here.