For many young people, their familial, personal or social circumstances, beyond their control, can expose them to an increased  risk of becoming involved in crime or engaging in anti-social behaviour at a young age.  Changes, such as transition from primary to secondary school, can prove to be very distressing for some young individuals and even small difficulties, when left unsupported during their early years, can often lead young people to lose their way .

Prioritising early support in the lives of young people who may be vulnerable can therefore help them to navigate their way through difficulties to find brighter futures – often avoiding truancy, exclusion from mainstream school, or even getting involved in criminal activities later in life. With appropriate mentoring and timely intervention, negative trajectories can often be halted therefore through our early interventions services we work to avoid situations where the absence of guidance, care, and opportunities at the right time could hinder a young person’s path in life.

Young People’s

Offers a lifeline to vulnerable young people by engaging with them, offering them support and guidance when they need it.

 Restorative Justice School Responders

Working with schools. Showing young people that disputes can be resolved restoratively.

Improving Outcomes for Young People

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