Behind the crime statistics are real people, individuals you may know, facing difficult and distressing situations resulting from the impact of crime. Our commitment is to provide non-judgmental intervention, mentoring, and support to those in need.

We focus on what is possible and effective, working to give people back choices and offering guidance to make the right decisions. Our dedicated staff, volunteers, partners, and funders are motivated by the tangible difference they make in the lives of real people who often feel trapped with limited options.

With compassion and understanding, we offer a helping hand when it’s needed most. Sometimes, all it takes for someone to regain control of their life is a little emotional and practical support at the right time.

Through the kind donations of time, knowledge and funding offered by our supporters we are able to protect, support and reach hundreds of people every year. We continue to strive for more because we see every day how our services enable victims to rebuild their lives and realise a better future.  We see how early interventions help others to avoid becoming involved in criminal activity.

Take a look at some of the examples of support we have provided:

Frontline Caseworker/Practitioners Providing Support
Different Support Services
Volunteers on Board!

Restorative Justice; Healing the Harm

Restorative Justice  offers victims an opportunity to be heard, to ask questions of the person responsible and to have their say in the resolution of the harm caused. It holds the offender accountable in a more meaningful way, where they see the impact of the crime.

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New Leaf; A Fresh Start

There can be many reasons why people become involved in crime but we  believe that everyone deserves respect and that no-one should ever be seen as beyond hope.  Our New Leaf Offender Mentoring service offers practical support and encouragement to offenders on release from prison, helping them to resettle back into the community and showing them that they can make a valuable contribution to society, that they have choices and that with some support they can make the right ones.

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