#NoMoreWeek is an annual, international opportunity to come together to raise awareness of domestic abuse and sexual violence, inspiring individuals, organisations, and communities to make change.

In the UK, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse and 1 in 5 sexual assaults during their lifetime. Globally this rises to 1 in 3 women, 1 in 6 children and 1 in 18 adult men.

NoMoreWeek is an annual event held every year on the first week of March that provides an opportunity for us to stop and be reminded of the collective responsibility we share in ending domestic violence and sexual assault. This week-long campaign calls on communities, organisations, and individuals to step up, speak out, and play a role in creating a safer future for all.

What is No More Week?
No More Week is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault, urging everyone to take action against these pervasive issues. The “No More” symbol, a blue circle with a vanishing point, represents the goal of ending domestic violence and sexual assault in communities worldwide.

Do you need support?

Bright Sky is a safe, easy to use app and website that provides practical support and information for anyone who is concerned about domestic abuse. Bright Sky helps you to spot the signs of abuse, know how to respond, and find a safe route to support. Download the Bright Sky app today for more ways to support hestia.org/brightsky

If you’re a survivor in need of support, you can contact Victims First for free on 0300 1234 148 or via live chat at victims-first.org.uk

If you need more urgent support please call the Police on 101 (for non-emergencies) or 999 in an emergency.