Our mission is to support ex-prisoners in reintegrating into society by providing assistance with housing, employment, and essential support services. Re-offending rates within one to two years of release are concerning, but with proper support, individuals can make positive life choices.

Our volunteer-led mentoring programme is dedicated to helping individuals recently released from prison in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Milton Keynes. Through encouragement and practical guidance, we aid their successful reintegration into the community and prevent re-offending. Our trained mentors engage with clients before release, on the day of release, and continue to offer support in the community. They also connect clients with relevant organisations for help with specific challenges, such as homelessness, debt, substance abuse, alcohol dependency, and relationships. Our mentors are readily available by telephone to provide continuous support and advice.

Become a New Leaf Volunteer

If you have time, character, energy and commitment to support someone through their challenging first weeks after release from prison you may enjoy volunteering with us.  You need to be able to meet weekly or bi-weekly with the client. We also ask you to be available by telephone for pre-arranged telephone support to clients (mobile phone provided by us) during normal 9-5 office hours.  If you think this is you, please visit our Volunteering page for information on how to find out more.